DevBBQ becomes Spiria TORONTO.

To our valued customers, partners, and friends,

We at DevBBQ are thrilled to announce that we have joined up with one of Canada’s leading custom software development firms, Spiria, and will be adding our Toronto location to its existing international presence.

Spiria’s 14 years of professional services experience across several industries strengthens us greatly and grants us international access to expertise, value-add networking, and thought leadership. We are the team you know or have heard of, and now even more.

Over the past 7 years together with you, we have strengthened your businesses through technology and strategy, we have brought your digital product dreams and visions to life, and have shared in the joy of some of your careers’ most memorable milestones to date.

Our partnership with Spiria preserves our ambitions to serve your businesses and all our values that you know us for. Our culture at DevBBQ has always been of great benefit to us and to our ability to deliver value to you. I am proud to say that these cultural benefits remain strong and aligned with Spiria’s mature and thriving culture.

Our team and our services here remain available to you and to all. I encourage you to find out more about Spiria with the link below or to reach out to me with any further inquiries.

Thank you for your continued support!

Very sincerely,
Vice President, Spiria Toronto