Great BBQ Relies on the cut as much as the spice.

But it's the cooks who bring it to perfection.

Quality software development
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What we bring to the table

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A team of professionals with experience in the latest frameworks, intricacies and capabilities.


Better engineering through deep knowledge of framework capabilities, strengths and shortcomings.


Deep experience integrating with third party services, APIs, big data + noSQL + BI technologies, reporting, and open source libraries.


Closely connected with the developer community, we’ve converged on general best practices and techniques.


Helping companies grow has taught us a lot over the years. Our learnings guide our clients' product strategies.


We can adapt our rapid-development technology stack into 
enterprise-level Java environments
 or other multi-
threaded startup servers so your systems team feels at home.


We write code to make the best use of CPU and memory resources to minimize the effort of going back and optimizing when your data footprint increases and your customer base is growing.


From our diverse experience, we have several general modules for repurpose to help your project run smoothly and to expedite engineering.

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  • Jordan Van Schyndel, Founder & President, DevBBQ Inc.

    Jordan Van Schyndel

    Founder & President, Investor

    Jordan founded DevBBQ in 2011. He spends his working days having fun building upon relationships, partnerships, and seeking new opportunities within the technology sector. Personally, Jordan cooks for his wife and two daughters.

  • Ross Noble, VP Business Development, DevBBQ Inc.

    Ross Noble

    VP, Business Development

    Ross heads up new business development looking for new, great people and companies to partner and work with. Ross has played leading roles in new business development in sectors including retail, financial services, telecomm, travel, government, and loyalty.

  • Kevin Zych, Director of Engineering, DevBBQ Inc.

    Kevin Zych

    Director of Engineering, P.Eng

    Holding a Canadian engineering degree and MBA, Kevin uses his 10+ years past experience in web/mobile engineering, big data design/analysis, and embedded automation controllers for the nuclear and aerospace industries to oversee all aspects of our engineering output.

  • Chris Gurney, Product Director, DevBBQ Inc.

    Chris Gurney

    Product Director

    Chris keeps our clients happy and helps organize all the troops. He builds and executes on client product strategy and roadmap and helps our Product Management team keep focused and tight.

  • Alex Smith, Marketing Director, DevBBQ Inc.

    Alex Smith

    Marketing Director

    Alex finds ways to spread the word of our exploits. He has perfect hair.

  • Bohdan, Advisor, DevBBQ Inc.

    Bohdan Zabawskyj


    Bohdan is a serial CTO serving at RedKnee, Rypple, Salesforce and currently Mercatus Technologies. Bohdan is an active and respected member of the Toronto technology ecosystem.

Some of our friends

  • DevBBQ retail-council-canada logo

    We are members of the Retail Council of Canada because of our partnerships in the retail industry.

  • DevBBQ ruby-lightning-talks logo

    We sponsor, attend, and speak at this popular meetup group for developers in the Javascript and Ruby communities.

  • DevBBQ silicon-halton logo

    Since 2011 we have been members of the long standing tech community Silicon Halton.

  • DevBBQ wavefront logo

    We are community partners with Wavefront working with data and IoT companies.


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