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Solving an iOS App Processing Conundrum—All In a Day’s Work at DevBBQ

Finding a creative solution to improve an iOS app's responsiveness and user experience by solving a data processing conundrum.

November 9, 2016


Here at DevBBQ, we’re digital creators with big appetites—and nothing gets our mouths watering more than when clients come to us with their product challenges. We were recently tasked with finding a creative solution for just such a challenge, this time involving an app that one of our client distributes to its management team in order to tra...

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Integrating React Modules Into an Existing iOS App

How we can integrate React modules within an existing native iOS app by through a simple UIViewController.

August 31, 2016


In our [previous blog post], we looked at some of React Native's potential benefits. We also experimented with native components by integrating UITableView into a React view. In this post, we're going to take a different approach and integrate a React Native module into an existing app. We'll do this by creating a UIViewController subclass calle...

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Integrating UITableView into a React Native Setting

How we can use native features within a React Native app by developing a component to integrate UITableView into a React Native view.

July 26, 2016


Facebook's [React Native] is the latest in a long line of frameworks that promise to facilitate cross-platform app development using web technologies. When it became open source in 2015, several people declared it to be the future of mobile. I tend to be skeptical of that level of hype because I have worked with other web-based frameworks that r...

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At-home physiotherapy social network, appointment bookings, and payment processing.

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